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Amazing Moves is a professional and reliable removals company who aim to make moving to your new property in Fenland so much more convenient and easier for you. We don’t claim to have a special secret when it comes to our successful moving services, we simply have a hard working team who have had years of experiencing in undertaking all types of relocations. We offer a range of great quality services for both those who are moving to a new commercial property and for those who are relocating to a new house or apartment. Our company is one of the few teams where you will not have to worry about leaving your belongings with, because your items will be in safe hands at all times. When we come to actually moving your items and loading or unloading the removals vehicle, our removals men will use a variety of different methods to carefully handle and carry those boxes and items which are too heavy or big to handle. After the relocation vehicle has been loaded up, your belongings will arrive at your new property in no time at all.

Located in the region of the East of England, Fenland is a Non-Metropolitan district in the county of Cambridgeshire. The district is a local government district and stretches across and area of about 546km2. Most of the area of Fenland is rural, so a large part of this 546km2 is actually agricultural land. The population of Fenland is about 95, 500 residents. The district of Fenland covers the nearby market towns of: Whittlesey, Chatteris and Wisbech. Wisbech is also more commonly referred to as the ‘capital of the Fens. ’ Fenland became a Non-Metropolitan district and a local government district on April 1st 1974. It is said that the twin town of Fenland is Nettetal in Germany. Nettetal is not actually classed as a town, but as a collection of villages in the district of Viersen. Another twin town is Cook County in New Zealand.

Most of the areas economy comes from its farming and agriculture. The food, which is grown locally on the land, is produced within the district and sold. Fenland is made up mostly of land which is used to grow food products, which are then sold to earn money. As the food industry in Fenland is well established now, similar companies and industries have been built to help keep everything related to selling their food products local. To accompany the farm land, where the local produce is grown, there are now packing, labeling, storage and distribution industries which have been built in the area. However, as the majority of the district is quite rural and other than the food industry, doesn’t have a lot of industry or work, many of the local residents of Fenland travel outside of the area to work. It is rather common for the younger residents, as well as those who don’t work on the land to commute to different area to find work. However, there are plans for the town of Chatteris to extend and more properties will be built in the area and therefore hopefully creating more work prospects.

We can’t perform miracles but we can ensure that your relocation to your new office or home in Fenland is handled with care and performed successfully. We are the experts when it comes to both domestic and commercial moves and we can even tailor make a removals package to specially suit you!. Call Amazing Moves now on 020 3970 0488 to book your professional and convenient Fenland move!.Moving Fenland man and van

Fenland removals
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Postcode PE14, PE15, PE16 nearby postcodes PE13, PE34, PE38, PE26, PE7, PE28

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Working with such professional and polite movers made all the difference in my move experience.

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These movers demonstrated expertise in their field with their fast work and secure handling of all items during the move while charging more affordable prices than others.

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P. Cais

The house moving process was super-easy. That's something I certainly hadn't anticipated saying whilst planning my move to Fenland! This brilliant company made it a joyful experience. I'm very thankful for that.

Rating: 4.5/5
Richard H.

Totally was a huge relief to have found this place. Some removal companies charge you a ridiculous amount for a decent job. Amazing Moves kept things simple and affordable to me. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

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Caden Carr

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