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Amazing Moves are here to help you with your forthcoming Bedford removal, as we have already assisted so many other people already. Over the years, our fantastic team of staff have moved clients of all age groups and backgrounds in to their new commercial or domestic Bedford property. When you are responsible for your family, roommate, partner, colleagues or employees, it is important that you make the right removal-related decisions for you and all of the people involved. Our list of low priced, convenient and professional moving services come with the guarantee that your relocation will be undertaken by the true experts, who will not let you down. Our removal services include all kinds of commercial and domestic relocation packages, so as to specially benefit you and the people who are relocating with you. At our company we have a great range of vehicles which vary in size and therefore we can provide every client with the appropriate and suitably sized vehicle for their Bedford move.

Many removal companies will not give their customers the choice of when to relocate however, our company will. We like to ensure that your relocation happens at a time that best suits your life, as well as your working and personal duties. By allowing our clients to have the full say over when and at what time they will relocate, our clients can feel comfortable and relaxed at all times.

Bedford is located is a part of the ceremonial county of Bedfordshire. The area is classed as a county town and is situated in the East of England region. Bedford acts as the administrative quarters for the Borough of Bedford, which shares the same name as the county town. There are an estimated 80, 000 people living in the county town of Bedford itself and there are around 153, 000 residents in the borough as a whole.

The name Bedford is believed to have come from the name of the Saxon chief – Beda, as well as a ford which crossed the River Great Ouse. The chief’s name ‘Beda’ and the ‘ford’ were said to have been merged and by this the name ‘Bedford’ was created. Bedford was originally a market town from as early as the Middle Ages. In the year 919, Edward the Elder built the town’s first fortress on the south side of the River Ouse. The fortress was later destroyed by the Dane, before Paine de Beauchamp went on to build a stronger, new castle. Paine de Beauchamp’s castle became known as the new Bedford Castle however, now only a few remains of this castle can be seen in the area. From the middle of the 16th century and onwards, Bedford was well noted for its silk industry and its skilled and talented lace-makers. The Flemings were the first well known lace-making family in Bedford and then later on the Huguenots, who emigrated from Europe, were also well known lace-makers. The lace industry remained a major part of Bedford’s industry right up until the early 20th century.

Major developments and improvements took place in Bedford during the 19th century, as this century saw the introduction to gas lighting in 1832. But this wasn’t the only form of modernisation to happen in the county town, because the railway system also arrived in Bedford a little later on in the year 1846. It was here in Bedford where the first drains and sewers were dug out and put in place in 1864. Moving Bedford man and van

Bedford county town is the largest of the areas within the Borough of Bedford. The town itself is quite large, as it itself is divided in to ten areas. Ampthill, Sandy, Flitwick and Biggleswade are some of the small towns which are located close by to the town of Bedford. As a result of the London Brick Company’s labour recruitment in the 1950’s in the south Italian areas of: Puglia, Sicily, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania and Calabria, there is a large number of Italian immigrants in the area. A recent research has shown that almost 30% of Bedford’s total population are of Italian or at least partial Italian decent. This explains why there is an area of Bedford which is called ‘Little Italy’, which is home to a variety of Italian bars, restaurants, social clubs, delicatessens, grocery shops and a large Italian church. As well as having a large number of Italian immigrants in the area, there are also a high number of Asian, Eastern European, Greek, Cyprus, Middle East and African residents in Bedford.

Some of the more well known places to visit and famous landmarks of Bedford are the River Great Ouse, the Bedford Castle Mound, Bedford Park and the Bedford War Memorial. The Bedford Castle Mound is the remains of what was the former Bedford Castle and is situated close by to the town centre. The River Great Ouse is a river which flows through the town centre and has gardens which run along the side of the river. These gardens are known as The Embankment and have its own war memorial on its grounds. The war memorial was built to remember the soldiers from the First World War and was designed by the well known sculptor – Charles Sargeant in 1921.

Moving within Bedford has just gotten so much easier now that Amazing Moves are here to help you. We are the moving professionals and offer every client a wide choice of relocation services so that they do not have to experience any unnecessary stress or problems during their relocation. We provide you with help and support that you will need during your relocation process, whilst you can have the freedom to continue with your everyday tasks and commitments without having to worry about dealing with the duties and responsibilities involved with moving to your new home or office. Make the right decision and call 020 3970 0488 today to get a quote on your Bedford removal now.

Bedford removals
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