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Not all removals Elephant and Castle are the same. In fact, each move is different from the one before. There are some elements in common, however, which means that as an experienced team of expert movers, we have learned what makes a successful move. One of the most important ingredients in a successful move is excellent customer service, which includes listening to the customer. That’s something that we’re good at, and that our customers really appreciate.

Elephant and Castle actually refers to the major intersection of a number of London streets, but it is also what people call the surrounding area in the central London Borough of Southwark. Much of the surrounding area is commercial, including the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre to the east of the intersection, which has a number of offices above it. There is a large residential section – the Metro Central Heights, which is bounded by New Kent Road and Newington Causeway. The area was once called Newington, but is now usually referred to as Elephant and Castle. In the middle of the intersection’s northern island is a memorial to Michael Faraday. It is in the form of a large box made of stainless steel and is in honour of the British physicist, chemist and philosopher who contributed so much to his fields of science.

There is also a large red elephant topped by a castle tower, which is the actual Elephant and Castle statue and is a place you will surely stop to take a photo. The name “Elephant and Castle” actually comes from a former inn that sat on the site and was a stopping place for coaches. For decades, Elephant and Castle has been a shopping and entertainment destination. The shopping centre built at the intersection was Europe’s first covered mall, and certainly the largest of its time. There is also a 42-storey residential tower, called Strata, which is a landmark of the area.
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The Borough of Southwark has its share of attractions, although not directly located in Elephant and Castle, which are easy to get to. The Old Vic and the Globe Theatre are two important entertainment venues for residents and visitors alike, and the Tower Bridge is a lovely landmark on the Thames. Southwark is also home to the Design Museum, the Imperial War Museum and the Dulwich Picture Gallery. The Tate Modern is perhaps the most visited of the museums in Southwark, but they are all worth a trip. The best park in the area is probably Dulwich Park, which contains several sports facilities and a number of garden areas for walking. There are plenty of other, smaller parks in the borough as well.

If you are moving to this uniquely named part of London, you will likely need some help with the packing and the planning, or at least the transport. Furthermore, if your new flat will require remodeling or painting, think about placing some furniture and boxes in storage so they are not underfoot during the renovations. This can save a lot of headaches and even make the remodeling job go by more quickly. Amazing Moves has a removal service Elephant and Castle for every task, from assessments to packing to storage and unpacking. There is only one number you need to remember for all your moving needs – 020 3970 0488. Don’t forget to reserve a parking space with the borough prior to the day of your arrival. This will speed up the unloading process and reduce the chances of any damage.

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At the designated hour, they effectively loaded all of our possessions without any delays or complications. Their demeanor was courteous and helpful as they completed the task flawlessly. The pricing was also very fair. I would gladly endorse them to others and wish I could rate them more than just 10 stars.

Rating: 4.5/5
Greta B.

Their movers had their van loaded up and were on the road to my new place in Elephant and Castle in quick time. I was unpacking in my new house before I knew it.

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Jessica H

I'd heard bad stories about removal companies, that they mess customers around, do whatever they need to do to get more money from them. So, I was careful when looking for a company to help with my move to Elephant and Castle. I did plenty of research, after which I settled on this company. They were brilliant.

Rating: 4.5/5
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Amazing Moves is definitely one of the best moving companies in the business. They offer cheaper prices than most others in the Elephant and Castle area, and they do good work.

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