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While it might seem logical that everyone should clear out their homes prior to embarking on a removal SE17, this can be harder said than done. If you work full time and have a family, your free time is most likely limited to evenings and weekends, if that. So when would you be able to sort through every single thing you own to determine what goes to the charity shop, what goes to the dump, and what gets sold?. But this step – or sorting and organising – should really be made a priority at the beginning of your SE17 move planning. If you take the time to go through each room (don’t forget the crawl spaces, wardrobes, and outbuildings) prior to beginning your packing, you will save yourself precious time and money later.

Consider the number of cardboard boxes and packing supplies you will need to purchase; now think about reducing the amount of stuff you are planning to move. You’ll need fewer boxes. Think about the storage unit you might need to let; now consider that you might be able to hire a smaller one if you have fewer items. It’ll cost you less. Also consider your SE17 moving vehicle and movers – you’ll need less of both if you reduce the pieces of furniture and boxes that you are taking with you. There are many things to consider when moving, but the first should be to consider Amazing Moves your go-to source for removal services. Call 020 3970 0488 to find out more.

The London SE postcode area covers a large part of southeast London. Its boundaries are more or less similar to those surrounding the London Boroughs of Southwark, Lewisham and the Royal Borough of Greenwich, but it also includes some of the eastern parts of the London Borough of Lambeth and areas in the boroughs of Bexley and Bromley as well. There are 30 postcode districts that begin with SE, labeled alphanumerically SE1 through SE28. The other two – SE1P and SE77 – are non-geographic postcode districts serving high-volume business users. A number of the SE postcode districts have riverfronts, and while this part of London is generally cheaper in terms of finding a place to live, there are some quite sought-after neighbourhoods here as well. Al 30 of the postcode districts are in the LONDON post town.
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The SE17 postcode district was once known as the Walworth district. It covers Walworth and Newington in the Southwark local authority area and is located in the northwestern corner of the postcode area. SE17 is surrounded by SE11, SE1, and SE5. The district itself is a relatively high-density district with few green spaces, but it surrounded by parks just outside its boundaries, such as Kensington Park and Burgess Park. Within the district’s bounds are Nursery Row, Pasley Park and Surrey Square Park, which are all quite small. Kennington Park Rd, or the A3, forms the district’s western boundary while Old Kent Rd forms its eastern one. Albany Rd to the south divides the district from the surrounding parks. Though not within the district’s lines, the Elephant & Castle is a nearby landmark to the northwest. Residents will also enjoy a visit to the Cuming Museum.

To enjoy living in SE17 with no delays on the day of, contact the Borough of Southwark about reserving a streetside parking space for your moving vehicle. This will be crucial in preventing delays and fines and will ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of. Another way to ensure that is to call Amazing Moves and book your removal with us now.

SE17 removals
Moving House, Man and Van SE17 Removals
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Postcode Walworth nearby postcodes SE11, SE1, SE5

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The moving company lads from Amazing Moves in SE17 were astoundingly quick! I was sweating just watching them. As for their work? Everything was perfect, no fault found. Highly recommend.

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In 2003, we decided to handle our house removals by ourselves: Never Again. That was so tiring and confusing. Clock up to 2021, and we decided to book professionals. All I can say is that this company did such an amazing job moving our items to our new residence in SE17, that we could not think of ever using another company or doing it for ourselves again!

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