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Wondering which company to choose to take care of your relocation to Bristol?. Choosing a reliable and efficient removals company requires a lot of time and energy because there are very few companies that can offer exactly what you want. Finding all of the services and the full removal package that you want all under one roof so to speak is easier said than done. As any good removals team would know, a good move happens when a client hires a professional removals company, one which offers a variety of removal services. Amazing Moves is the company to do this. We offer a full range of relocation packages which are suitable for all. Before you commit yourself you can easily give us a call on 020 3970 0488 where you can speak to our friendly team at Amazing Moves who will give you a free quote on your Bristol move!.

Bristol is a ceremonial county and unitary authority in the South West England region. Bristol, as well as being a unitary authority and ceremonial county, also has city status too. The total population of the county is just under half a million, making it one of the larger populated counties of England. It is the sixth most populous city in the whole of England and is the United Kingdom’s eight most populous city as well.

Bristol is ranked as the tenth most highly populated district out of the total three hundred and twenty six which make up the whole of England as a country. In a similar ranking where the number of English Ceremonial Counties are ranked in order of the highest and lowest population, Bristol is listed as the forty third most populated county out of the total forty eight. Due to the fact that Bristol is both a unitary authority and ceremonial county, it can be featured in both the order and ranking of the English districts and also the English counties too. In terms of the area that Bristol covers, this city and ceremonial county covers an area of 110km2. In the listing of the total forty eight counties in England, Bristol is ranked as the forty seventh largest land area, which means that it is second from the bottom in the listing. When the area in which Bristol covers is compared with the other three hundred and twenty five English districts and unitary authorities, Bristol is still only ranked at number two hundred and twelve out of the total three hundred and twenty six English districts. Overall, Bristol covers a rather modest area as it is not made up of so much rural land as it is commercial areas.

Bristol city is built around the River Avon, which is situated close to the ceremonial county and city of Bristol. As well as being set upon the River Avon, which runs through the areas of Stratford-upon-Avon, Bristol, Bradford on Avon, Chippenham and Melksham, Bristol also has a small stretch of coastline as well. The city’s coastline is situated in the Severn Estuary which runs in to the Bristol Channel. The city and county of Bristol is well noted for being a very cultural city and is home to many interesting places which relate to religion, art, culture and education. Bristol is a great place for employment opportunities and education and has its own university too.
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In historical times, the county of Bristol was split between the counties of Gloucestershire and Somerset. However, in the year 1155 the city of Bristol received a Royal Charter and was granted official county status in the year 1373. Between the 13th century and the 18th century, Bristol was classed as one of the three major cities in England after London. Bristol, York and Norwich were the three main cities within the country after London, which was of course the main city and the largest. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution in the later part of the eighteenth century that Bristol lost its status as being one of the country’s most important cities. After the industrial revolution, cities within the middle of the county – particularly in the West Midlands region of England such as Coventry and Birmingham grew and became fast developing places to live and work. Other cities which also became better developed after the Industrial Revolution were Manchester and Liverpool too.

The name ‘Bristol’ is not just the name of this English Ceremonial County and city. Bristol is the name of many other areas, towns and cities in other countries in other parts of the world as well. There are around thirty four other places around the world which share the same name as this English unitary authority, city and Ceremonial County. Although most of these places of which are also named Bristol are located in the United States, places names Bristol can also be found in Canada, Peru, Costa Rica, Barbados and Jamaica.

Amazing Moves knows just what you need for when you come to relocate to your new home in Bristol. Whether you are moving to your new office environment or other business building, your new home, flat or other property, makes no difference to our team as we are fully capable of moving as few or as many of your belongings to their new home. Our team has adequate knowledge and experience in all kinds of moves, which is why we are able to take on just about any kind of relocation. There is no move too big or too small for our team of removal pros and that is why we are the favourable choice amongst many soon-to-be-movers. We can’t help you with choosing the right property or similar matters like that however, we can help you with having the best removals experience possible and this is something that we can guarantee you with. Should you have any questions or would like to book your Bristol move with us today, please call us on 020 3970 0488 for more details and information.

Bristol removals
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