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If you are looking for a Man with a Van Shepherd’s Bush, then you’ve found the right company. With low, low rates and removals done in as little as two hours, you could find yourself moved in half a day and nothing to worry about, even the unpacking. That’s because Amazing Moves can stick around and make sure everything that went so carefully into those boxes, comes out in the same condition and makes it to its new place in your new home. If you are still unsure about hiring movers Shepherd’s Bush, why not ring us up on 020 3970 0488?. We can give you a quick estimate of what our services will cost you and you can start planning right away?.

A little less than five miles from London’s centre at Charing Cross is the west London area called Shepherd’s Bush. Regardless of how it is spelled (sometimes without the apostrophe), this residential area is sure to win your heart. Especially if you love shopping!. Why?. Well, Shepherd’s Bush is home to Europe’s largest shopping centre – that’s right, in all of Europe. So there is plenty to see and plenty to buy at the Westfield shopping centre, which is found in the northern part of Shepherd’s Bush Green. The southern side of the green is home to another shopping centre, called West 12, so you will never be at a loss for shops.
The Green is a common made up of open grassy areas and tall trees, the perfect spot to rest between trips to the shops. It is surrounded by boutiques and shops, so can be an oasis amidst all the retail. The area is quite multi-cultural with populations from Africa, India, Syria, Lebanon, the West Indies and as far as Australia and New Zealand, among others. Many of the shops in Shepherd’s Bush are specialty shops that cater to these populations, so you can make some great finds in the area. The neighborhood is a mix of commercial and residential with some large offices, such as the BBC TV Centre, located here.
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Housing in Shepherd’s Bush is relatively affordable for London as many of the 19th century town homes have been split into smaller flats. Another great stop in Shepherd’s Bush is the Market, which specialized in food, clothing, household goods and more. It has more bargains that the two shopping malls and can be a fun day out as well for its atmosphere. Also on Shepherd’s Bush Green is the Bush Theatre, a highly respected theatre that supports new playwrights and works. For some Australian and New Zealander culture and music, visit the Shepherd’s Bush Walkabout, also located on the Green. When you think of Shepherd’s Bush you can also think of all the famous musical acts that have emerged from the area, namely The Clash, The Who, the Sex Pistols and some more contemporary groups as well.

A move to Shepherd’s Bush should be an exciting time for your family or your office, not one of stress and exhaustion. Having professional movers do the heavy work for you will free you up to be in charge of all the little tasks that must get done, such as changing your address and switching banks, if necessary. No matter where you are moving to in Shepherd’s Bush, it’s best to reserve a place for the moving van to park while it is being unloaded. This time-saving tip is one of many that you can find on our site and from our helpful movers. Call 020 3970 0488 for more!.

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I'd never had to hire professional movers before. But I was undergoing a big move to Shepherd’s Bush, so I sought their help. The team that helped me on moving day were fantastic. It was a brilliant, easy service.

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I must say, the blokes from Amazing Moves are some of the nicest movers I've met. They know what they are doing and get the job done right. They also charge less than other Shepherd’s Bush places.

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