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When you have all the details for your moving exposed by your agent ,it is time to start informing everyone for this event.Your relative and friend are first to know.Neighbours also.All kind of social institutions -compulsory.

Don't forget to inform all your colleagues in the office -this is if your moving is not connected with your work.But don't inform them in the last minutes because you have to spread your working schedule among them and if your boss need a new employee on your place -you have to teach him/her.

But if you are a boss of a small but progressive company -this is too different and complicated.You have to inform your employees for your moving may be in the moment you decided to do it.They will need some time to relocate (if they want to) or to find a new job.This will bother them for sure but you have to support them in any situation and try to help them with everything you can.If you have been a good boss till now ,keep doing it.Your business partners have to be infoemd too.Conract them via e-mail or phone conversation and explain them the changes wich will appear because of your moving to another town,country,even continent.This will help everybody to reorganize everything which is connected with your office,work and tasks.

Be sure that you have given all the need inforation to evryone involved.Make a list with the people you have to speak with and do it,and most of all ,do everything mentioned above- on time!



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