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Be organized


Movng is a process including organizing,ecexuting all kind of tasks,arranging all your meetings and engagment according your plan and moving checklist.Everything here is bind with the time and terms.No delays and no way not to obseve the terms and conditions.This is so of you want all to be on time and nothing to fail.Of course you hve to go to work,to look after the children and the household.This is not so easy if you cannot organize it.Do not allow yourself to be scattered among all the tasks you have.Be organized and try to combine all the work at the office,at home and the points in your moving checkist.Try to calculate how much time you will need for each engagement in reason to be able to devide your time properly.It is a good decision to make a list with all your duties concerning if they are at your office,some social engagements,when you have to pick up the children from school and what will be the dinner tonight.Use a notebook or to-do list  because it is risky not to miss something important like a meeting with your moving agent.If you are not able to do all alone,ask your husband to help you with the kids,don't cook each night but go to a restaurant -don't forget to check the family budget before this decision.As a conclusion be sure that your organization skills will be enough for all this huge number of duties,if not spread the tasks among your family or take a few days off from the office.



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