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Moving is a legal procedure so you will receive some documents from the moving company.Before signing some kind of written document which purpose is as a contract you will discuss with the movers the estimation.It is based on the sizes and volume of you stuff,the destination you are moving to and some other factors which are clearly mentioned in the pappers.You should also provide to the movers the information concerning the date of your moving and some approximate hour.Everything should be coordinated with your and their schedule.All the points which are a theme of your conversation will be written down in official document where you will sign and in this way you will agree with all terms and conditions.You have to read each papper which you are signing very careful  and if some questions and unclear articles-ask the moving agent to explain you in details.You are the customer and have the right to ask whatever you want ,of course if it is concerning the moving process .There are also laws for transporting different kind of stuff so you have to aks for any kind of permissions and prohibitions having in mind everything you want to move.The moving company will advice you what is allowed and what not and if there are some prohibited items you have to decide how to hadle with them.Sizes of the boxes and the volume of the moving van are important points too-but this is moving company's job and they are aware of this matter to inform you how to pack according their conditions.


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