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Start with more


To start with more supplies ,all kinds of supplies, is a  plus for you and your move.

It is good to start you move with more packing supplies such as:

-boxes in all sizes

-enough and additional adhesive tipe and ropes (if necessary)

-padding material and wraping papper

-colour labels and markers

Thinking in advance for more supplies will save you lots of headaches in the long run.There will be no moments when you finished to pack a box and there is not adhesive tape to tighten the top.


If you made a move budget you should have in mind that it always happen something which is not according your plan.Of course that it is good and precise to spread you money among all the points of the moving process but this points can increase.In case to avoid any financial problems during youр move provide a stand-by-credit.


Your "equipment" for the move have to include more time and mor nervs.Try to act according the moving check list and your personal and family schedule.It is also good to combine your tasks during the day and try to observe the terms and conditions for everything.The result of your precise organizing skills will be that everything will happen on time which is a key for your success move.


If you have choosen to do-it-yourself you have to find more volunteers to help you.Gather more friends and try to observe their schedules too.


Start with happy mood and smile against the difficulties you could meet during the challenge called move!



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