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Moving? Here are the Top 3 Ways to Keep the Costs Down

If you're scheduled to move your home or office, the costs associated with hiring a removals company are high enough. But when you add to this the cost of packing and moving supplies that you need to buy, you might think twice about moving at all!

However, there are definitely a few ways by which you can keep the costs down, the top three of which are as follows:
Sort your things out before actually packing them.
Organizing all your stuff is something that you should have done months before moving. You can sort your things according to what you can make money from at a garage sale; those that you can donate; and those that you should simply throw away.

Use the things that you already have at home as packing supplies.
If you have a pile of newspapers, cartons, plastic bags and paper bags which are not being used, keep them and utilize them as packing supplies instead of buying.

Ask the help of friends and family.
You might have a friend who just recently moved and bought a stack of packing boxes, ask for these so you won't have to buy them anymore.

Plan, plan, plan!
For fragile items that need to be packed, you can use old blankets and clothes instead of bubble wraps that you still need to purchase.

Combine all these with labels, packaging tape and a pair of scissors - then you can be on your way towards packing all the items in your home or office that need to be moved. 


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