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Basic but Important Tips for Packing

Everybody has heard advices and basics for the packing. It sounds so easy that every person may say to himself, that it is a piece of cake. Actually it only sounds easy, but like any other things, when the time comes and you have to do things by yourself, really precise and nice, you will understand, that some advices have to be followed and certain skills have to be adopted.

  The time is very important part of the packing and moving. That is why it is really good to start the planning and the preparation earlier, because this is the best way to take advantage and gain some extra time. Usually as it was mentioned before people underestimate how hard it is to pack all belongings in a house or apartment and that is why they are very unpleasantly surprised when they start it and during the process they realize that they will need much more time that they have planned for it. Because it will take days to prepare all your stuff for the road, which means that you will have some things stored for this time, you will better start with objects, that are not an every day use. Thus your routine will not be disturbed from the lack of the things you will like to use.

  To follow order is essential for the process of packing and moving. That is why you do not have to be chaotic in your preparation. You have to go room by room and not jump from one to another. This will help you find things easier when you have to unpack all the stuff.

  Every job needs some special place to do that. You will also have to establish a special room or a space in your home, where it will be comfortable for you to do the packing and where you will place all the materials necessary for this job.

  The weight of the boxes you have prepared for the van to be loaded is very important factor. Your job is to sort the ready to travel boxes, as the heaviest always go first for the truck. However you have to know that the cardboard boxes can not take endless weight. It is good then to limit it up to fifty pounds at the most.

  To protect your stuff and make it safely packed, you have to provide enough and proper materials for cushioning. That is why you do not have to take so small box, so the item inside gets stuck in it. There have to be enough space between the object and the walls of the box. This space will take the pressure and will protect your stuff better when there is some trouble situation. The boxes have to be filled thus so they can be easily closed and not overstuffed, because they will be difficult for carrying and managing with.

  It is good for all boxes to be labeled and marked some way, but for some it is mandatory. To write on the boxes, you would better use broad marker. Use fewer words to mark the content and the room it belongs to. The label FRAGILE have to be put very clearly and seen very well. Use large words for this because they have to be noticed from distance. Some items are not supposed to be turned up side down. So these special boxes have to be marked with THIS SIDE UP, marking the right way of putting the box. Put words like A or numbers for the most important boxes and those which you want to unpack amongst the first.

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