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When you are getting ready to move out of your old home or office space and into the new one in Brixton, you could try to do it all on your own. You could do the organizing, try to assess how many boxes to buy, run to the DIY store and pay a fortune for them, pack everything by yourself, load it into your car and make a number of trips back and forth. But why go through all that hassle and spend all that money when you can streamline the whole process with the best Brixton Moving Company around?. Amazing Moves has everything you need to make a smooth transition to Brixton, from a Man with a Van to a fantastic packing service. You’ll never move by yourself again!. Call for a free quote on 020 3970 0488 today to get going.

A little less than four miles south and east of Charing Cross is the London district of Brixton. It is found in the Borough of Lambeth and is one of Greater London’s 35 major metropolitan centres. The Lambeth Town Hall is itself a landmark that is worth visiting, but there are plenty of other things to see and do in Brixton as well. The district is a mix of retail, market and residential areas, though the latter makes up the majority of the area. This diverse community has a large African and Caribbean population and plenty of shops, as well as a street market that draws plenty of people.

It is also the home of Electric Avenue, the first London street to be illuminated by electric lights in the late 19th century. Many of the members of the African-Caribbean community came to London after World War II on the ship named the Empire Windrush traveling from Jamaica. It marked the beginning of a multicultural society in London. During tougher times, Brixton has seen riots and even a bombing in 1999, but today is a vibrant community that has been undergoing gentrification since the 90s.
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You can now find art galleries, cafés, bars, boutiques and other shops in Brixton as well as a farmers market at Station Road. The Brixton Village Market has been the centre of the retail rebuilding that has taken place in Brixton and has brought gentrification as well. Brixton even has its own currency, the Brixton Pound, which was begun in 2009 as an alternative to sterling. The focus on local is seen everywhere. There is a mix in Brixton of large housing estates and Victorian buildings and it is home to many murals that portray life in the community. Of course, every resident of Brixton is familiar with the Ritzy Cinema, which dates back to 1910. Live music and nightclubs are also popular in Brixton with a number of venues to be found.

If you are joining the ranks of the former Prime Minister John Major to call Lambeth your home, there are a few important steps in terms of preparation that you must take. First is to get rid of a lot of items, as much as you can, really, to make your removal easier. Next, call Amazing Moves on 020 3970 0488 to schedule a removal assessment and get the ball rolling. We’ll help you choose packing materials and the appropriate storage unit, if you need one. Then we’ll help pack up your things and get you moved. Finally, reserve a parking space for the moving van in front of your new Brixton home to ensure that everything is quick and easy on the day of.

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Postcode SW9, SW2 nearby postcodes SW4, SW8, SW12, SW16, SE1, SE11, SE15, SE17, SE21, SE22, SE24, SE27

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